What’s different about your nonprofit?

first_imgThe comments to Bill’s guest blog are interesting, and they underline the fact that nonprofits don’t always doing a good job showing they are unique or different. There are at least two reasons for that: 1) they aren’t unique or 2) they are doing a poor job showing their unique qualities.Draw the following picture, which is a combination of thinking from Jim Collins’ hedgehog concept and BBMG’s branding thinking. What is in that sweet spot in the middle — the intersection of what you do well, what your audience wants and what’s unique about you? Is there anyone else with the same sweet spot? If so, you may have a problem.Stake a strong competitive position – a position no one else has – in your field and in the minds of your audience. Then make clear in all communications your unique importance in the pursuit of good. If you can’t do that, maybe you should be merging with someone who can.last_img