Li Kaifu is past or still had 17 months away from innovation works miss what

Abstract: some people say, Li Kaifu is already in the past, some people think that Li Kaifu got it, then, the return of Li Kaifu can make innovation works as one of the best investment institutions China early? All this may need time to verify.


bid farewell to Beijing for up to 17 months, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu finally came back on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015.

Li Kaifu disclosed a number of innovative workshops business progress: a total of 150 companies before and after investment, of which about $100 million more than the valuation of nearly $20. Li Kaifu said, this is not a very easy thing, we are proud of the future will be better.”

Li Kaifu also partner, Innovation workshop partner Wang Hua highly evaluation. At this time Li Kaifu left, it is Wang Hua carry innovation works in the beam, innovation works all the important investment decisions on the strategic direction of Wang Hua play important roles.

Li Kaifu said: “I am determined to tell you, if I really can’t come back, I believe that innovation works thirty years later, we will review the leadership in the said Wang Hua, innovation works develop very well, it seems to be a god.”

Internet industry changes earth shaking

have to say, these 17 months Li Kaifu sick, innovation works is a great achievement, also has the very big regret.

in these 17 months, China Internet industry, Jingdong listed changes turn the world upside down, Ali, millet valuation from $4 billion to $40 billion, even the taxi drops, fast taxi also starts from zero into a $6 billion company.

Internet industry mergers and acquisitions emerge in an endless stream, a variety of cutting-edge companies emerge, including pocket shopping,, today’s headlines and a number of start-up companies rise, there are many traditional cross-border business, innovation works are involved in not much.

is the period of time, the Sohu, 360 and a number of the old company is deeply behind the crisis, whether it is CEO or 360 Sohu chairman Zhou Hongyi Zhang Zhaoyang are very anxious, and personally in the first battle, Li Kaifu will not feel this change.

Li Kaifu acknowledged that the Internet industry has undergone profound changes, said many entrepreneurs may not say to you, “Kai Fu, individual segments of the industry very thorough analysis, I want to take some innovation works investment. Entrepreneurs have become more and more powerful.”

Li Kaifu said, this year may Chinese Internet industry may have 1000 outstanding entrepreneurial class, but in the past 5 years to 10 is very good, it is because there is no entrepreneurial environment, innovation works to do incubator services.

Innovation workshop to upgrade from 1 to 2.0

the entire entrepreneurial environment is getting better, each entrepreneur has its own demands, you need to find the investment in line with their own positioning