Alternative survival navigation website

sites are not well-known, probably because the mainstream users who are not enough attention to it. But the site has been unknowingly, has become one of the most used in the Chinese computer.


many search engines use “end users” it may be difficult to understand, every day, tens of millions of less proficient computer users a boot will take the initiative to enter the site navigation station, from here to your site to love. Obviously, this is profitable. Three years ago, Fujian Cai Wensheng saw this business. Now, every month he gets a net profit of millions. Two years ago, rare access to venture capital. Recently, there was even the news that they had started brewing.

increasingly fierce competition in the Internet, such a small site in the navigation in this segment of the market to find their own living space.

find short board

simply said, is a web site navigation station. landings will be found, above densely covered with all kinds of web portals, news, games, entertainment, sports and other traditional classification could not fully cover several. The fact is that the application of any ordinary Internet users, almost can find the entrance.

three years ago, a friend of Cai Wensheng complained to him, his father bought a computer, but can not type, can not remember so many websites, how should I do? This inspired Cai Wensheng, he decided to put their own traditional trade for many years on the other side, focusing on the Internet to do things.

“in fact, many people do not use search engines, many people do not type. Large companies feel that the market is small, non mainstream.” He said, “but we see a chance that no one else can see.”.”

Cai Wensheng made a statistics, the results of a lot of people surprised – every day there are one million people on the Chinese Internet can not find Baidu! The typical scenario is this: friend A asks: do you know Baidu? Friend B replied: of course I know! Then he found the Baidu search box in and started searching…… Cai Wensheng’s conclusion is that China Internet application level and not as high, low tech Internet entrance may meet the needs of ordinary users, as they need to watch TV as remote control.

average every day, Cai Wensheng’s Web site has more than 5 million visits, ranking in the global website to maintain more than 100. Up to 15 million of the user base every day to bring massive hits Baidu. In the eyes of many people, Baidu is the entrance of the Internet, and Cai Wensheng refused to pull out a small threshold. This small step to a lot of people do not understand the south of the alphabet, do not understand the typing of the elderly, as well as newcomers to the computer did not understand the search engine has brought the gospel.

on the web site is one of the most proud of Cai Wensheng. He said his team has been working on it for three years