Jingdong to abandon the money is intended to pay for self built payment system

payment system as a business major genes and logistics system, need to be firmly in control of the electricity supplier companies in their own hands, but in the early development of the electricity supplier, does not seem to be a business enterprise to be able to do this, either the payment system but no matter flow, such as Taobao, or the logistics system no payment, such as Jingdong, now the two currently in the field of electronic business enterprises have the greatest impact with his short board operation, to completely eliminate the short board out and to conduct a comprehensive repair, from the performance point of view, Taobao started rookie intelligent logistics system plan, and the Jingdong will abandon caifutong, start planning self payment system.

payment system carries more role

if the payment system as buyers and sellers of leverage, then through the analysis of the development of Alipay can be seen in the payment system has become a business enterprise to another can continue to generate profits to the enterprise, not only can improve both pay fair property, is also able to further open up the financial system, the best carrier of Internet finance, Alipay announced ten days cooperation and Celestica fund, to achieve billions in storage, which shows the financial power, these funds is undoubtedly the springhead of electric business, but also to carry out financial springhead of small loans ali.

when in close contact with the business and finance, and often can want to create profits for Jingdong, an unwilling ordinary may not be the cake the bright younger generation, hand over to others, and now compared to the electricity supplier development, Suning Jingdong as the bright younger generation has achieved a comprehensive attack in business and financial the field, even going to open Suning bank private bank to eat first cup of soup, enough to show the strong appeal of Internet banking.

and Jingdong started to make a difficult decision, and Tencent caifutong say goodbye, out of this is not a Jingdong, but its development needs, when a business without its own payment system, and will clearly feel the real business there is a gap, but the Jingdong in a subsequent statement but make people feel that Jingdong choose to abandon caifutong also said that is not the end, but a beginning.

Jingdong easy to choose to abandon WeChat mobile strategy highlights

when Taobao began to demand the WeChat integration frame and Taobao, the Jingdong began to say no to WeChat, it is only because easecredit listed less than two weeks, thirty thousand of the Jingdong’s employees began a collective use easecredit communication, which shows the Jingdong began a comprehensive Tencent of the gene. The fundamental reason is that the Tencent is a business enterprise, the competition between them can not maintain long-term honeymoon relationship, when WeChat began to play a leading role in the mobile Internet, if users are familiar with the WeChat electric business shopping experience, will undoubtedly cause the Jingdong blocked traffic entrance, for this electricity supplier, lost traffic entrance, you will lose the mobile Internet.