Bona film after the privatization of the first round of financing 2 billion 500 million yuan aliying


technology news news December 20th, Bona Film Group announced today that, after the completion of the privatization of the total size of 2 billion 500 million yuan A round of financing, valuation of 15 billion yuan. This round of financing by Ali pictures, Tencent led, CITIC Securities, China Stone Fund finance limited liability company, Zhongzhi group, CMB International Finance Limited, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the new Hualian Group voted.

so far, Bona Film Group’s shareholders include the original shareholders Ali pictures, Tencent, CITIC Securities stone fund, Saif capital, Sequoia Capital, Fosun Group, plus today announced a new round of pictures, the Tencent led by Ali, CITIC Securities, China Stone Fund finance limited liability company, in the enterprise group, CMB International Finance Limited, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the new Hualian Group and other well-known domestic and foreign institutional shareholders together constitute Bona luxury quality capital investment team.

Ali pictures chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said: “the domestic film industry after several years of brutal development, industry is entering out upgrade cycle, next year there will be a large number of film enterprises active and passive exit, this is the challenge for game player, businessman opportunity. The US on Bona strategic investment, to sustained profitability, Bona film layout in the aspects of professional vision and be able to do it, based on the industry to do through the spiritual recognition. I believe that Ali pictures and bona will cooperate fully in relation to each other and mutual benefit, mutual trust, and Ali pictures will also use the platform resources, together with the bona, continue to make a breakthrough in the Chinese film industry on the road.”


investment management partner Jan Lamb said: “as a strategic shareholder Bona film group, the business model, the industrial layout and the ability of the team is full of confidence and expectations. As the domestic first-class veteran film company, Bona film group in the process of promoting the development of the film industry’s performance China obvious to people. Next, we will deepen cooperation with bona film group, the film industry chain on the force, to seek the maximum range of the win-win and all-round breakthrough.”

Bona Group founder, chairman and CEO Yu: “I am interested in doing Chinese entrepreneurs group most focused on film boss. Bona deep movie industry for 17 years, has now grown into the most persistent development, the largest private film company, covering the entire film production and distribution chain: cinema, movie peripheral products, a situation of tripartite confrontation, theme park, expanding its territory. The team also kept Boehner as in the past for the entire film industry Chinese fighting spirit and perseverance! This financing, Bona pictures and all investors because of the common values of bonds, based on each other’s highly recognized and definitely, starting from the long-term and overall interests and the interests of both parties, in the business of mutual help, rely on a strong force to form a synergistic effect. Bona is willing to “symbiosis” as a guide to the spirit of the contract according to the value of each contribution as the premise, together with its partners, risk and income.