Regulation of the nternet domain name registration personal whirling inconstant in policy

even to the same problem, uncertain attitude is still a regulatory domain recently, the Ministry of communications authority, China around the Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as “CNNIC”), the Internet society and the three major telecom operators issued a notice to make provisions for the further implementation of the site record information authenticity verification of work. In the notice of registration and verification involves trial program clearly stipulates that the individual is qualified the website, and the website for the record to the person in charge of submitting color full faced photo. The industry is more consistent interpretation is that the provisions of the positive confirmation from the personal registration website domain name feasible”.

Ministry of the new rules make personal website owners a long sigh of relief, but its distance CNNIC resorted to a domain name registration personal ban order less than three months.

of the domain name registration, management attitude as the weather but it is changing all the time, every act and every move implicated in numerous user’s nerves. From last December to now, the regulatory authorities of the personal domain name registration issue has several changes, or banned or scale relaxed attitude is helpless.

“Volatile” provisions

was criticized CCTV ineffective on domain name registration regulation in December last year, CNNIC Chinese top-level domain (.CN) as the main management mechanism, make the reaction on the second day morning announced that from December 14, 2009 9, cancel the user’s personal.CN domain name registration rights. At that time, its arbitrary approach caused great resentment in the industry.

then, in December 15th, the Ministry issued a “notice on further rectification program” mobile phone pornographic special action, requirements for the site for the record of “the identity information of face verification, retained a copy of valid documents, to review the main website information, contact information and access to information”. The provisions of the Ministry of industry in tone than CNNIC eased, but the identity of the domain name registrar has always been vague.

In order to quell the

industry and the general user’s Crusade, in January 18th, the CNNIC spokesman said again, working on the drafting of the relevant individual.CN domain name registration scheme, is expected to allow individuals to register and hold the.CN domain name at a later time.

today, the Ministry of industry in the pilot program on the site sponsor for clear description of the site sponsor refers to the Internet information service providers, including two units and individuals, through this provision affirms individual rights website, personal website sponsors will be formally regarded as the person responsible for the site.

to “restore personal website registration” formulation, the Ministry press office official not recognized him to “IT” Time noted: “the focus of this notice is to record information verification, personal website registration is allowed, there is no recovery of the said.” But for the previous CNNIC refused to register the practice of personal domain name, as the competent authorities in charge of the Ministry of CNNIC refused to