Ylmf’s 915 mobile phone network on June 6th officially launched

According to

news June 6th, ylmf founder Lai Linfeng said, for its 915 mobile phone network (www.915.com) will be officially launched today at 9:15.

according to reports, 915 mobile phone network is a collection of information, Amoy, mall in one of the vertical B2C e-commerce website, using the “content + commodity” mode, the first phase of the line of the main content of the site for the Amoy number and information of two parts, to provide 10000 prepaid mobile phone number and the most cutting-edge mobile phone sales. Dynamic, market, guide and evaluation of mobile phone information.

It is worth mentioning that

, 915 mobile phone network site is the first domestic PHP open source CMS Platon IT (Lin Xue) led development. This person has created the most well-known open source content management system – DedeCMS, the system is one of the most popular website building solutions.

According to Lai Linfeng

, since September 2009 to join the wind, “IT Platon” undertakes the research and development of the company a number of projects, such as construction, system 114la website alliance 115 large-scale WEB project construction. Now, as for the post of director of forestry technology.

Lai Linfeng said, at present, ylmf has established 915 division, responsible for the 915 mobile phone network operator. In order to expand the mobile phone resources channels, 915 mobile phone network is working with major mobile phones and mobile operators to discuss cooperation. In May this year, 915 mobile phone network and domestic mobile phone retail chain giant region telecommunications reached a cooperation framework agreement, the initial line to obtain nearly 10000 prepaid mobile phone number provided by the domain of telecommunications.

Lai Linfeng also revealed that micro-blog plans to raise the number of millions of levels of resources within 3 months, the Amoy business gradually to the country, and in the next six months to open the phone mall business.