Xining take the mass line warming up early warming

in the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice started on the occasion, Xining city in the early planning, careful preparation, work early deployment, early finding, early investigation, early development carrier build ideas, and carry out the preparatory work, the party’s mass line educational practice for showing “good momentum of preheating early and fast heating”.

to do the preliminary work of educational practice, since August last year, the city party construction work leading group to undertake preparatory work for the mass line of educational practice, formulate “preliminary work plan”, ahead of plan, advance into the state, the preparation of solid and orderly, laid a solid foundation for the second batch of educational practice. Focus on the four winds problem rectification problem. During the preparation, the city’s rely on outstanding problems, take the initiative to find and rectification four winds, while the investigation and reform, enact reform legislation, a number of people to pay attention to the prominent problems solved. Highlight the style of remediation thorough investigation, strict. The style of education as an important part of the mass line of educational practice preparatory work to grasp, comprehensive remediation lazy luxury”. Scientific planning carrier, new service measures. In the activity carrier design, closely combined with the actual Xining, highlighting the guidance, strengthen problem oriented, according to the municipal leadership and leading cadres, county leadership and leading cadres, urban county units, law enforcement and supervision departments, window units and service industries, towns, streets leading bodies and leading cadres, rural (community), different the characteristics of eight areas of primary and secondary schools, non-public economic organizations and social organizations, carrier of scientific design activities and a clear focus on the rectification direction, effectively avoid the “one pot” and “across the board”.