Xining industrial and commercial development of hundreds of thousands of rural households to prevent

recently, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau carry out the “thousand Village hundred rural households agricultural anti false propaganda week” activities, to further strengthen the supervision of agricultural market, the escort for the spring.

at the event, Xining city industry and commerce departments first carried out a thorough investigation of the city’s agricultural business entities, the main business focus on verification qualification for pre approval data due or to become due, urging the operators do not have the deadline for completing the subject; business qualifications, in a timely manner for the change or cancellation of contract and procedures; the transfer of business qualification or beyond the scope of operations, were the norm, and agricultural households signed the “agricultural business units responsibility” and “agricultural product quality assurance commitment, education business law-abiding, consciously resist selling fake bad behavior. At the same time, the Xining industry and commerce departments at all levels also consists of 482 administrative villages to send the team into the four law in three counties and 29 townships, for the villagers to explain the false false debate knowledge and “consumer protection law” and other laws and regulations, 56 hanging banners, more than 7 copies of promotional materials, set up publicity panels 159, display fake agricultural and farm tools, agricultural knowledge and organized 8 training courses, training of agricultural business households 298 people.