Operating market segments to create new opportunities for webmaster 2012 nternet model

operating segments of the market, said, often heard friends in the QQ group in our website, we also do the project, is now webmaster has a project is a very important thing, but how to do in such a market in 2012 is the Internet, we need to consider the recommendation of market segments I think it is the self, the trend now, when the various industry segments like sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain came out, as a webmaster do you not?

first: make a B2B website in the industry


a friend might ask, now B2B so much, why do we need to do B2B website, here is a brief introduction of some B2B websites, B2B website advantage is that information is large and large companies, information including procurement, sale, and recent industry news, and the information in general the B2C site is not the case, B2C sites are generally single enterprise products, as well as advice has limitations, so certain, no matter what the industry, B2B site is not necessary, after all, the Internet is to find information, an industry information or need, so a few points need to say about the B2B.

a B2B) industry to choose as far as possible in the sub sector, during 07-11 years, a large number of websites are out, basically every industry, and in 2012, you want to get into this area, as a young boxer and are fighting the last bucket of the Thai students, also do not have a good head broken and bleeding the results, why? So, when I suggest you do the B2B website and try to find some breakthrough in the following two segments, such as instrument, so do some of the main classification instrument below the industry website, do not need to do so according to the number of large, you just need to focus on beat you face website. So as to have a way to win.


B B2B site) please be sure to pay attention to the user experience, in fact, after Baidu these days change, I think Baidu is paying more attention to the user experience, when your site back rate is high, the user experience is high, which can make the website notice, may be a little function to keep a lot of people, for example said the quiz channel website, to help purchase channel, website purchase channels, these are services for users in the user base, and when you choose a breakdown of the time, this should be a breakdown of the advantages, select high-quality manufacturers finally obtained the user’s reputation is.

second: to create an information website

In addition to the B2B

website, you choose a website is also a good way, specifically, now the information on the Internet bar beside the mess, you need to do is to bring these websites information together and ultimately provide a detailed plan for users with >