Old end personal experience to want to change the webmaster a piece of advice

maybe now many webmaster are trying to do what station can make more money, or how to make more money through the network, and often ignore the money that you can earn now. It is time you can better development in considering to have earned the first money, but the transition means you will start again, probably more than you do now to pay more energy to make, because there is no success, so many just try, you’ll start again in case of failure. The cost of time is the biggest, and it takes a year for the old to really understand the truth. Once they see a garbage station, just a few key words W flow, then do a lot of video advertising can make money, but also full of violence, and also to engage in a number of garbage station, is to earn money, but this keyword search engines are often blocked, or be harmonious, suitable for short fast frequency, when the most crazy me registered 600 corn, several stations to seize a key may be the first page of the 5 stations is mine, this has been done for half a year, but with the start of my rectification stations have been blocked by Baidu or K, basically to 2009 the closures were found; spent a lot of time a lot of energy to do something to end all zero, although the money earned, but lost a year, if this year I spend all your energy on the normal station would not be so miserable The.

              in fact, I know this problem, is the beginning of the impetuous, to see what the station will do what started as a movie station, such as a little improvement, others say do mobile phone station more money, then do some kind of mobile phone the site, but I found that my energy is really limited, one person can not stand here, although know how to do the optimization, how to use the flow to improve the conversion rate, but still picking up sesame lost watermelon, finally no one stood up. So at the end of the old experience to share, summed up a truth, do network, time is one of the biggest cost, not easily, doing their own good, step by step, don’t think tomorrow will become like the graph king the same people, always have than their NB, a wild heart good, just don’t welcome you to the old spoil things by excessive enthusiasm! At the end of the blog, my blog address is: http://s.seozhanzhang.cn/, hope to know more friends, together with the progress of