The procedure and experience is the core business website before you run

: after the optimized banner

common website banner

is now the site operator, not found a lack of quality web experience way, only the lack of practical ability. For a very simple example, as shown in Figure 1, is a big banner picture, we believe that in the marketing enterprise website and products website, often see their shadow. The overall performance is very beautiful, but it is not practical. The love of spiders in Shanghai of any quality content to crawl here. But if the model shown in Figure 2, whether or not you will click to read and browse. Small details, is enough to prove that the user browsing is also based on the data statistics of the results.

2, based on the user data website program changes


in the data statistics, we have a lot of channels can be obtained, such as keywords, long tail keywords, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Search Ranking index and the recent launch of new Shanghai love love Shanghai public opinion, the focus of the current image to describe the user’s attention, these are the performance of large data analysis after finishing. We operate the site webmaster friends, also from which user data mining is what most people want to know, the local office.

The current


website optimization development here Tian environment, I believe that every experience of Shanghai dragon friends have a deep understanding. If you ask, what is the website operation, you will think nothing of the answer: keyword ranking? Build a website and give some ideas and connotation of products. From the mind of the idea to the final implementation in the domain name, website access to essential contents. Such a process, what do you think is the operation of the site before the most important content of it, many people also speak a variety of answers, but the web application and user experience includes every answer that belongs to us over sites before, two aspects should be most concerned about.

many readers might ask: what is difficult to find the program, consistent with the website template design can not do, if I really like these friends think, then all the style of the whole website started the same, also pay attention to what the user experience, mentioned here is based website access statistics and the user behavior in the user data analysis project to conduct a comprehensive analysis, the improvement program. Specifically:

Figure 2

have these basic data, which is then to do it, do not immediately create a website, and is for you in the website for details of the changes. Figure 1 and Figure 2 similar. We need the original website program, a simple modification, we also need to make the website program with portability, operability, development principle, a set of web applications, not only has the foreground and background, and a variety of display results page, also.

design style Figure 1:

1 users, large data analysis program