Belkin Makes Boost Charge MFiCertified USBC to Lightning Cable First Accessory Maker

first_imgTechnology company Belkin has launched the Boost Charge cable, which is the first third-party MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable. MFI stands for Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod. This is the first USB-C to Lightning cable in the world that’s made by a third-party manufacturer. According to the company, the products are designed to easily integrate to any environment to deliver fast and safe power at home, in the car, or while on the go. The cable is MFi or Made for iPhone certified, which means is officially certified by Apple for use with its devices and will ensure 100 per cent compatibility with all Apple Lightning-enabled devices. This is priced at Rs 2,499 in India.Belkin promises 50 per cent faster charging than the standard Lightning cable when used with a compatible charger. ““The Boost Charge USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector is a perfect accessory for iPhone users to have quick power boost and it has undergone stringent testing to ensure a safe and reliable connection. At Belkin, we’ve been persistent in pioneering innovations and introducing technology to simplify lives since 35 years,” says Kartik Bakshi, Country Manager, Belkin IndiaAccording to the website appleinsider, while Apple started warning manufacturers about the change in September, before offering specific Lightning connector components up for preorder in December, “Belkin is the first to have taken advantage of the components, but is likely to be followed by other firms keen to capture a piece of a relatively one-sided market.”The device is available in black or white and comes with two-year warranty. AppleBelkinBelkin boost chargefast charge cable First Published: June 25, 2019, 3:35 PM ISTlast_img